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What is CCEval?

CCEval is a framework for cyber security evaluators according to the Common Criteria standard, enabling the technical development of the assessment. A Common Criteria evaluation requires answering a series of "units of work", which are elaborated on the documentary "evidence" provided by the manufacturer. For each unit of work the assessor must provide an analysis that concludes a verdict on whether or not the assessed product meets the requirements of the standard.

CCEval allows to fill in this information in a guided way, to control and manage the progress of the laboratory's ongoing projects and to provide a framework that avoids inconsistencies and allows to automatically manage the evidence provided by the manufacturer.

CCEval automates evaluation activities required in CC (e.g. automatically check mappings between TSFIs-SFRs, TSFIs-Test Cases or automatically fill in a first version of the evaluation report, etc...).

CCEval will generate the reports that accredited laboratories deliver to the Certification Body. CCEval will allow the entire flow of a cybersecurity evaluation to be executed from start to finish.

CCEval is part of de CCtoolbox, what is CCToolbox?

jtsec develops this innovative framework to smooth the Common Criteria & EUCC certification process. An unique tool to ease the three main consuming activities: documentation generation, evaluation and validation.

With the use of CCToolbox, the estimated time and cost savings are 40% when certifying a product and a reliability of approving the requirements of 100%. Our mission is to help you simplify and pass the process for approval of the Common Criteria standard.

Besides CCEval, CCToolbox integrates another two tools, all of them compatible and complementary to each other to achieve full success in the certification:

1. CCGen→ he Common Criteria Generation tool makes the work easier for engineers and developers who will appreciate the simplification of the most tedious part, the documentation. TRY CCGEN FREE.

2. CCCAB→ The Common Criteria Documentation Validation tool facilitates the work of validators/certifiers by creating consistency when checking ETRs issued by laboratories. TRY CCCAB FREE.

CCEval technical advantages

CCEval is a tool that uses the most advanced state-of-the-art web technologies. This means that you don't need to install anything on your computer and you can access it from anywhere.

  • Web Edition, docx Output. Your project in a single file
  • Collaborative tool with comments
  • Mapping auto generation
  • Automatic filling of reports
  • Automatic validation
  • Online/offline availability
  • Integrated Advanced Editors
  • Checking the coherence of the ETR (Evaluation Technical Report)
  • Integrated CM System
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Automated checks
  • Automatic dependency analysis
  • Integrated in-line CC requirements with CC Expert tips
  • Support for EAL-Dependent, NIAP PP or cPP projects

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jtsec Beyond IT Security has been a beneficiary of FEDER funds through the Public Business Entity Red.es for the financing of the CCEval project. This project started in May 2020 with an estimated duration for its completion of 24 months.