Expert Witness Service

We can offer our expertise in any legal disputes which reach the Spanish courts as Computer Expert Witness.

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Who is a Computer Expert Witness?

A Computer Expert Witness is a professional with specialist and recognised knowledge as a result of his high level studies enabling him to provide specific market information and a well-informed opinion to the courts.

What We Offer

If you have a case of libel in the Internet, industrial property, destruction of data, LOPD, manipulated documents, impersonation, labor issues, cyber bullying, sexting, grooming or any crime related to technology, call us! We can help!

  1. Forensic Report

    Report writing, ratification and exposure in court

  2. Appraisals

    Forensic and technological expertise and appraisals

  3. Data recovery

    Data recovery of all types of digital media

  4. Computer forensics

    Get to know what a cellphone or computer has been used for.

  5. Technical excellence

    We have the highest technical training

  6. Attention to detail

    Do not leave your litigation in the hands of just anyone