jtsec achieves ENS High Certification.


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jtsec achieves ENS High Certification.

After an exhaustive audit process by the entity Cámara Certifica, which has taken several months of effort, we are pleased to announce that jtsec Beyond IT Security has achieved the highest possible level of certification in the ENS (Spanish National Security Scheme), thus meeting a requirement to collaborate with the Public Administration.

In the field of cybersecurity protecting information and security in our systems and services is a matter of high priority. The ENS is a regulation that aims to establish the principles that regulate and ensure access, integrity, availability and veracity of the information used in electronic media in or related to Public Administrations (state, regional and local). According to its own website, "It establishes the security policy for the adequate protection of the information processed and the services provided through a common approach of basic principles, minimum requirements, protection measures and compliance and monitoring mechanisms for the public sector, as well as private sector technology providers that collaborate with the Administration". More information at https://ens.ccn.cni.es/es/

The ENS comprises a number of specific controls as opposed to ISO/IEC 27001 which does not specify the controls to be implemented.

Source: https://ens.ccn.cni.es/ens-html/index.html

The official link to the certificate is now available on the CCN (Centro Criptográfico Nacional) website.

Scope of application of the ENS

The Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (The Spanish National Security Scheme) can be applied to public entities, as well as to private sector entities that provide services or form part of the supply chain of public entities, and must comply with the provisions of Real Decreto 311/2022.

The ENS also applies to systems that process classified information, regulated under the Ley 9/1968, de 5 de abril, de Secretos Oficiales (LSO)

About jtsec Beyond IT Security

We are a cybersecurity laboratory that offers security assessment services following the most recognised certifications and standards in the sector (LINCE, Common Criteria, IEC 62443 or ETSI EN 303 645) with a customer-oriented approach, where the responsibility, protection and security of data and systems is of utmost importance.

Protecting information and security in our systems and services is a high priority as an accredited cybersecurity laboratory that assesses the main standards, which is why, in addition to ENS High, we also accredit ISO 27001 certification. Our efforts are aimed at building a more cybersecure world and sharing our expertise is the way to achieve this. As part of our support to the world of cybersecurity standards, we collaborate with a large number of national and international associations and organisations such as ENISA, ESA, EUROSMART, ISO, CEN CENELEC, UNE, TEDAE or ECSO, among others.

On our website you can find more information about our security policy in the Information Security Policy section.

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