CCToolbox, making Common Criteria Easier

    Unique framework for the Common Criteria & EUCC certification process

    Save up to 40% time & costs

    Top-notch CC Experts integrated tips

    Make your engineers happy

    Three tools included: CCGen+CCEval+CCCAB

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What is CCToolbox?

jtsec develops this innovative framework to smooth the Common Criteria & EUCC certification process. An unique tool to ease the three main consuming activities: documentation generation, evaluation and validation.

With the use of CCToolbox, the estimated time and cost savings are 40% when certifying a product and a reliability of approving the requirements of 100%. Our mission is to help you simplify and pass the process for approval of the Common Criteria standard.

CCToolbox consists of three tools, all of them compatible and complementary to each other to achieve full success in the certification:

1. CCGen→ The Common Criteria Generation tool makes the work easier for engineers and developers who will appreciate the simplification of the most tedious part, the documentation.

2. CCEval→ Carry out CC Evaluations focusing on the technical aspects and let CCEval automatize some of the evaluation activities and take care of your evaluation technical report consistency.

3. CCCAB→ The Common Criteria Documentation Validation tool facilitates the work of validators/certifiers by creating consistency when checking ETRs issued by laboratories.

Save up to 40% on your Common Criteria & EUCC process using CCToolbox

Preparation Phase: CCGen Internal Consistency Checker ensures that all the CC requirements are gathered and that there is no inconsistency along the documentation. Moreover, the advanced technical editor allows to save time during the edition process.

Evaluation phase: CCEval automatizes some CC evaluation activities (e.g. Completeness of the Mappings, Checking the existence of some information, etc…) due to the integration between CCGen and CCEval. Moreover, the evaluator may speed up the edition of the evaluation report through the advanced editor that allows references between the different evaluation reports in an easy and intuitive manner.

The Validation phase is shortened thanks to the use od CCCAB which allows CABs to perform validations/certifications in a smoother and more efficiente way. Due to the absence of inconsistencies in the evaluation technical reports thanks to the use of CCGen and CCEval, CCCAB supports certifiers by streamlining their work, automatically ensuring the consistency, validity and correctness of the document elements.

Our mission is to simplify the whole Common Criteria & EUCC certification process.

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CCToolbox technical advantages

CCToolbox is a web-based tool framework that uses state-of-the-art web technologies, such as Laravel or React.

  • Intuitive and attractive user interface
  • Easy in-house Installation
  • Web Edition, docx Output
  • Your project in a single file
  • Integrated Document Management System
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Centralized Glossary, Acronyms and References
  • Advanced Editors
  • Integrated in-line CC requirements with CC Expert tips
  • Support for EAL-Dependent, NIAP PP or cPP projects