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31 - Oct 2023
How to include your product or service in ENS ALTA.
Posted by: Javier Tallón

The Catalog of Information and Communication Technology Security Products and Services (CPSTIC) / CCN - STIC 105 is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of manufacturers interested in including their products and services in this catalog. Furthermore, the trend of including solutions in the ENS ALTA category is on the rise.

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19 - Sept 2023
Certifications and cybersecurity methodologies are generating interest among companies and organizations at both the national and international levels.
Posted by: José Ruiz

At jtsec we have always supported and promoted the construction of a more cybersafe world and, if we can help by sharing our experience, we are more than happy to do so. Last week we collaborated in two webinars. We would like to thank both Checkpoint Technologies and Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS) for having us in mind to collaborate in these presentations.

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23 - Augst 2023
Legal framework in which the CPSTIC CCN - STIC 105 catalogue is included in the sphere of Public Administration
Posted by: José Ruiz

Five years ago, CCN created the Catalogue of Information and Communication Technology Security Products and Services (CPSTIC) to support the administration in the acquisition of cybersecurity products. Currently, these two initiatives are now united within the legal framework of the ENS, which regulates the National Security Scheme (ENS), the mention of the CCN’s Catalogue of Information and Communication Technology Security Products and Services (CPSTIC) was incorporated, along with the collection of requirements related to certified/qualified products and services according to their classification.

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9 - May 2023
New cryptographic evaluation methodology created by CCN, how does it apply and what does it consist of?
Posted by: Juan Martínez

Cryptography has become, in recent years, a fundamental part of the cybersecurity of any product. Therefore, CCN has decided to create a methodology for the evaluation of cryptographic mechanisms that can be applied to all those products that are certified/qualified using standards such as Common Criteria and LINCE, as well as for those that are tested directly against the methodology itself as cryptographic evaluation.

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1 - May 2023
jtsec achieves ENS High Certification.
Posted by: jtsec Team

After an exhaustive audit process by the entity Cámara Certifica, which has taken several months of effort, we are pleased to announce that jtsec Beyond IT Security has achieved the highest possible level of certification in the ENS (Spanish National Security Scheme), thus fulfilling a requirement to collaborate with the Public Administration.

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