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Common Criteria Consulting

We can help you to pass a Common Criteria evaluation, we know the tips & the tricks and can help you to save a lot of money. Obtain a Common Criteria Certification assisted by our experts.


Software Security & Penetration Testing

Our tiger team of hackers are experts in the methodologies to be followed to discover and minimize the possible vulnerabilities. If you need a penetration test or security in your software you must contact us.


Information Systems Audit & Ethical Hacking

Our tiger team of ethical hackers audit your systems to ensure their security. If you have special security requirements in your business or are afraid of what hackers can do with your data, you can contact us.


Security Norms Consulting

ISO 27K, ENS and TSP. We are aware of every security related norm. If you are about to undertake a security audit or evaluation call us.


Expert Witness Service

We can offer our expertise in any legal disputes which reach the Spanish courts as Computer Expert Witness.



Do you need to build cybersecurity know-how into your company? We offer specialized courses in cybersecurity, secure development, certification (CC, FIPS 140-2...) and ethical hacking.


Who we are

jtsec was created with the idea of offering consulting services for security evaluation and certification according to the most recognized market standards (Common Criteria Consulting) at a price that allows businesses of all sizes to access this service.

jtsec is made up by a team of recognized professionals in the IT security sector with more than 30 years experience in this field. Most of our professionals have worked as evaluators in Spanish laboratories that offer the Common Criteria certification and endeavour to take the strengths of each laboratory in order to provide a higher quality service.


Why choose US

Technical Excellence

We have come to raise the baton of technical excellence. With the highest qualification we can certify the security of your products and systems. We are 100% committed to a lifelong learning process.

Technical Excellence

Commitment to our customers

We are determined to solve your problems, not to create new problems. Your project will be successful - there is no other option. We take the standard of excellence in dealing with clients to a new level.

Commitment to our customers

Time to Market

By doing our job on time, we can give a competitive advantage to our customers. If time is a constraint you can count on us. We put all our resources at your disposal to be not only the best but also the first.

Time to Market


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