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Our Story

jtsec first members contact

The founder members of jtsec meet known each other while studying computer engineering at the University of Granada, in the south of Spain, where they share their passion for knowledge and security.

Meeting the Common Criteria world

Two members of jtsec started working in the Common Criteria lab that will become one of the most famous labs in the world. They were the first evaluators in the lab and participated in more than 50 evaluations during the course of 5 years. They were also involved in obtaining the FIPS 140-2 accreditation in the lab

Different paths

One of the members of jtsec leaves the lab to come back to Granada. From there, he will start his own adventure providing CC consultancy world-wide under the jtsec brand, whilst re-establishing contact with the University of Granada security investigation groups and learning about the Internet of Things and microcontrollers programming at Biotronic A.D.

The other team member joins one of the biggest labs in the world managing the CC service and leading some of the lab new accreditations as Global Platform TEE or FIDO.

Together again

With the experience accumulated over the years, the team gets together again to provide security services of high quality.

Why choose us

Young but sufficiently prepared: we are willing to turn a phrase into a reality, something that our customers can touch and say that was true.

We hope you have so eager to join this adventure like us, great things await us.

We have learned from the best and are willing to prove it. Technical excellence, commitments to our customers and time to market. We bring security for a better world. Will you join us?

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