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Founder's interview

Find out in the video, among other curiosities, how jtsec was created.



Striving for your cybersecurity

Javier Tallón

Technical Director

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed breaking things and fixing them again to make them better. In love with the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud

José Ruiz


I'm a Cybersecurity Certification passionate aiming to build a more cybersecure world. I've visited 52 countries. I love travelling and my family. I'm a great Atletico Madrid supporter: “Don't give up believing”

José Pulido

Consulting Leader

My passion for cybersecurity stems from the motivation to help everyone making secure use of ICT technologies, in every aspect of our lives. I like to put myself in the place of manufacturers, companies and users, understand their needs and look for the best way to help them in this purpose.

Victoria Prados

Account Manager

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt... I'm Victoria, a new technologies enthusiast who started dreaming when I saw Marty McFly's scooter... dreaming. #womenintech #womenincibersecurity

Antonio Checa

Marketing Manager

“The day you sign a customer is the day you start to lose them” Don Draper.

Why choose us

We are a young team, with an innovative vision in the field of cyber security and in the framework methodologies we implement.

We have developed unique tools that help us to smooth the processes of cybersecurity certifications, handling each client and each project with the approach, care and dedication they deserve.

Years of accumulated experience
Products secured
Millions of secured code lines
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Top Notch Experts

We support you using our innovative and exclusive framework automatizing the process and saving time and money.

Top Notch Experts

You are unique

Feel part of our family! Our customers do not face unexpected surprises. From day one, you will know how much the project will cost and that is what you will pay at the end.

Time to Market

No delays! We are determined to solve your problems, not to create new ones. A backup engineer is available for all the projects to ensure that we meet your expectations.

Time to Market

They already trusted us. Let's talk!