Common Criteria Statistics Report for 2022


- March
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Common Criteria Statistics Report for 2022

In 2022 a total of 370 certifications were completed. This means that the number of certificates dropped (slightly – in 2021 – 399 certifications) for the first time in the last 5 years. There could be several reasons for this decrease:

  • Lack of capacity of the laboratories or certification bodies to manage a greater number of certifications.

  • Unavailability of some manufacturers to undertake Common Criteria certification, either due to time, cost or any other reason.

  • Creation of other cybersecurity standards that are eating up market share (e.g. jtsec initiated 60 LINCE evaluation processes and only 3 Common Criteria projects)

  • Certifications are delayed until EUCC is published.

    It is difficult to have a clear conclusion…. And we are looking forward to 2023 numbers to know the understand better the CC market

    This year is quite exciting for us, because for the first time jtsec appears in this report. In addition, we have become part of Applus Cybersecurity Labs (Applus+Lightship+jtsec) which makes us among the laboratories with the most certifications achieved this year.

    We obtain the information using CCScraper, which is a Python script that automatically analyzes information from the official Common Criteria portal and the portals of the several certification bodies. This tool has been developed and improved by jtsec in recent years, offering a comprehensive collection of data that allows us to have an accurate view of the sector.

    This report shows data for 2022, the last five years, as well as historical trends since the beginning of the application of Common Criteria as an evaluation methodology. If you would like to know any specific statistic that you think would be interesting for the community or you find any mistake in the data, please send us your comments and we will include it in the next version of the report.

    Do you want to know which types of products have been the most certified, which countries are at the top of certifications or which is the most used Protection Profile? Do not hesitate to download the report by clicking on the link below. In addition, if you are interested about all our services and tools for Common Criteria, take a look at our website.

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