Common Criteria Statistics 2023


- June
Posted by: Antonio Checa
Common Criteria Statistics 2023

2023 was a great year for Common Criteria, breaking all the records. A total of 470 certifications were completed. This means that the number of certificates has experienced a large increase (83 more than 2022), setting a new record.

At jtsec, we are very proud of the data obtained by Applus+ Cybersecurity labs, which includes three laboratories: jtsec, Applus+ and Lightship. In 2023 we were fourth in number of evaluations with 38, with 8 more certifications than 2022.

We gather the data through CCScraper, a Python script created by jtsec that automatically examines data from the official Common Criteria portal and the portals of the certification bodies. Over the years, jtsec has enhanced and perfected this tool, providing a thorough data set that gives us a precise insight into the industry.

This report provides information on 2023, the previous five years, and historical patterns dating back to the introduction of Common Criteria as an assessment method. If you have any specific statistics, you find interesting for the community or identify any errors in the data, please share your feedback with us so we can incorporate it in the upcoming report.

Are you interested in finding out the most certified products, the top countries for certifications, or the most popular Protection Profile? Feel free to download the report by clicking the this link. Furthermore, if you are keen on exploring all the services and tools we offer for Common Criteria, visit our website .

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